Video Review: Alien Breed Evolution


  • Sets a tense atmosphere
  • Nicely storylined and well presented
  • Fitting modernisation of a priceless classic


  • Controls could be a little bit sharper
  • More weapons and enemy types would be nice
  • Visual style is generally quite samey throughout

Verdict: There are a few flaws in Alien Breed Evolution but nothing that’s too difficult to forgive. The game sets atmosphere reasonably well and the presentation is perfect for the style and heritage of the title. It would have been nice to have a few more weapons, enemies and even levels but for a relatively inexpensive downloadable title with further episodes planned I think there is an acceptable amount of content. Whether or not you will enjoy the game depends on how much you enjoy this style of control mechanic. If you’re a fan of more methodical dual stick games then this is a great example. If you hate the separated move and aim controls then it probably won’t change your mind and if you’re new to the scheme then I can’t think of a better game to introduce you to it.


Score: 7/10