ELSPA Facts & Figures 2009

ELSPA (Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) have released a raft of facts and figures from 2009. Overall the UK games sales fell compared to 2008, but it was a ‘dip’ rather than ‘plummet’. MCV report that the total sales of all videogames software amounted to £1.621 billion which is down on 2008’s record breaking figure of £1.905bn but these figures are using a 52 week year. 2009 had 53 weeks so if that is factored in and the stats include Christmas week, 2009 sales jump to 1.732bn.

As you aware Wii is the best selling console in the UK but when it comes to revenue generated it’s the Xbox that comes tops with £459m in sales, even though the Wii sold more in terms of units with over 18 million games sold.


ELSPA also awarded the Playstation 3 the “Star Console” badge, with a  total of 11.9m PS3 games sold in the UK last year – a hefty 14 per cent increase on the 10.4m units sold in 2008.