UK Gets “Games Committee”

Following the first meeting between ELSPA Director, Michael Rawlinson, and the UK government’s Minister for Creative Industries, Sion Simon, it has been announced that the UK will be getting a special advisory committee to assist the video games industry. The new “Games Committee” will feature representatives from many ministerial departments such as the Department of Culture, Media and Sport; the Department of Business Innovation and Skills; the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department of Health.

The departments featured in this committee would hint at the predicted tax assistance that has been called for numerous times as well as a willingness from the government to acknowledge that the games industry is now the largest creative media industry in the world. There is also a feeling that they are trying to tackle the perception that gaming is bad for the health of gamers and the minds of children by including relevent government departments who will no-doubt also be pushing for the proposed legislation putting the ratings system in the hands of PEGI to be put through parliament before the next general election.

Source: MCVUK