Yellow Lights and £131

I saw yellow on my PS3 yesterday. Then a flashing red. Ironically, this is the Yellow Light of Death that signals the demise of a Playstation 3. It is unrecoverable, so I called Sony to see just how they would screw me over in my quest to get it fixed. £131 and everything on my hardrive. That’s not some weird change system Sony use, they are going to replace my PS3 so I won’t be getting the same PS3 back, which means that, when I stick my hardrive into the new PS3, the new PS3 will automatically treat the wonderful thing to a free formatting. It’s a 320gb hardrive, with only 40gb free.

Putting aside for a moment the ridiculousness of having to pay almost half what I paid for my brand new PS3 when I bought it only to have it replaced by a refurbished machine a year and a half later, let me explain what annoys me the most. Don’t get me wrong, I can not afford £131, so that annoys me, but money is just money. I can download all of my games again and probably even watch the recorded programmes I have from PlayTV online somewhere, but what I can’t replace are my saved games. I have a played a great many games on my PS3. I’ve had it since April 2008, which is a year and 8/9 months. So it lasted about 21 months, which isn’t so good for a console with a 10 year lifespan.

Saying the PS3 will last 10 years is all well and good, but if I have to keep paying £131 to get my single unit replaced every 21 months it’s going to cost me so much money that it simply isn’t worth it – no amount of awesome games are going to convince me it’s worth the price of the console, 4 or so payments to replace it and the price of the games, too.

Now let’s bring back the price of a refurbished replacement. Sony, you made this console, then I paid for it under the assumption that it wasn’t a pile of waste in a black box and wouldn’t have to have it replaced. Twice. This is the second time I’ve had a PS3 die on me, the first time being in April of 2008, when I simply took my 60gb back to Game and got a refund, then bought the 40gb I use now. I used my PS3 properly, I bought games, I have had direct contact with Sony’s themselves and written reviews for them, but my console has screwed me over, closely followed by Sony screwing me over with extortionate costs for replacing the console I had already bought.

This isn’t a great time for you to screw me over at all, Sony. I bought an Xbox 360 a few months before Christmas. You may have heard of them – you know, your biggest rival? Since then I haven’t bought any PS3 games short of Pixeljunk Eden. I even bought multiplatform titles on my 360, some with reason and some I wasn’t even sure why (when I bought Assassin’s Creed 2, for example, I only realised I was buying it for the 360 when I had left Game). My 360 is running perfectly, if a little loud. Sure, I can’t use iPlayer or PlayTV on it, nor can I play any of the PS3 exclusives, and whilst the only 360 exclusive that appeals to me is Left 4 Dead 2, I am considering switching to supporting Microsoft.

I have always maintained that I would be a devout Playstation-prefering guy for my entire life. I did maintain that until this happened, anyway. This is not a great time for you to be testing my patience, Sony. Not a great time at all.