Bayonetta Goes Playboy

Playboy magazine have a feature this month staring everyone’s favourite witch superbabe as portrayed by five Playmates. Though you might tut at the thought of TSA writers trawling through smut to bring you gaming news, such a feature is interesting at least as it shows a long-standing and well-read(!) magazine out there turning their attention to the gaming industry.

We shouldn’t have to say that, as it’s Playboy, you may not want to click on that link if you’re currently in your place of employment. Unless your boss is down with you surfing adult sites. That said, all of the ladies are (nearly) wearing their clothes, so it’s not like there is anything untoward on display in the section in question. We can’t account for the rest of the site (though we are looking just in case).


Ryan is our favourite. She’s got sass. Or maybe Shannon. Definitely not Chernise. The expression “face like a bag of broken kettles” comes to mind. And if you ever wanted to know what a ginger Bayonetta looked like – such horror now has a face.