New Need For Speed Looks A Lot Like Most Wanted

This, according to, is concept art from Criterion‘s first Need For Speed game, which appears to be called ‘Out Of The Law’ although I assume that’s meant to say ‘Outlaw’.  Kinda looks like someone’s nicked the artwork from Most Wanted, dropped it on another bloody BMW and amped up the gamut to make it look edgier.   That ‘Sun Bay East’ thing locks the game to the San Francisco area, too, so don’t expect any great departure in terms of setting.


There’s little more information out there just now, although expect EA to now at least let us know if it’s all real or not now this bit of artwork is out in the open.  If indeed all this is actually real, because I’m still a bit confused about the ‘Out Of The Law’ thing and the fact that that’s the exact same livery on the beemer as the same M3 from Most Wanted.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some concept art left over from Most Wanted with some fan text at the bottom, at all.

Update: Just as we not-so-secretly suspected this has now been completely debunked by Criterion as 100% fake. The internet… you gotta love it.

Via VG247.