Leaked Aliens RPG Footage Confirmed As Real

Video footage of an early glimpse of Obsidian’s cancelled Aliens RPG has surfaced this morning. Though SEGA have quickly swooped in and demanded the video be removed from YouTube, Obsidian has come forward and confirmed that what some of us have seen is in fact the real deal.

The untitled Aliens RPG (some say it was to be called Aliens: Crucible, some saw otherwise) was canned by the publisher in favour of the less risky Aliens Vs. Predator remake and Aliens: Colonial Marines; the latter being a squad-based FPS. Obsidian have since gone on to make Alpha Protocol – which is due for release soon – and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas RPG.


It’s a little difficult to discuss a video that has been yanked but, for those of you who did manage to catch it, you’ll undoubtedly agree that, though promising, the visuals were exceptionally dark and the gameplay somewhat derivate. According to Obsidian, however, it was a very early build. Of course, the internet is like an elephant that never forgets. We’re sure the footage will appear somewhere else for your delectation, so keep an eye out.