Lunchtime Discussion: Console Sellers

Today nofi invites the TSA community to discuss whether one title could really sell a console to you, or if that’s not quite the way it works.

Console exclusives are big business, and just in terms of the two current ‘HD’ machines, both Microsoft and Sony spent vast amounts of money securing the rights to keep certain games off the opposition’s machine.  Sony, for example, have the likes of Killzone 2, WipEout and LittleBigPlanet whilst the guys in Redmond are sticking to Halo, Splinter Cell and Alan Wake.

But which game would make you finally splash the cash on the other console?  Would the unmatched visuals from Guerrilla tempt you to save up for a PS3, or are you currently stashing the pennies away for an Xbox 360 just so you can experience Alan Wake?  Or is the concept of buying a console just to play a specific game something that’s completely alien to you?