Full Transformers Trailer Even Better Than The Last One

Sure, our first glimpse was a nice introduction to the artistic style High Moon Studios are incorporating in their robot grudge-match Transformers: The War For Cybertron, but this new trailer is twice as long and has a healthy dose of Megatron in it! It’s basically an extended version of the initial teaser, with some of the previously seen footage such as Prime racing off a rapidly built bridge, transforming and then batting a missile away, now joined with our first look at Megatron, a strange comet striking Cyberton incident and more awesome robo-fighting.

The naysayers will say that this is all CGI and we really should wait until some gameplay footage surfaces before we start shooting energon out our eyeballs in rabid anticipation. But it’s the little kid in us; youngsters that gleefully played with Transformers in our back-yards, who watch this – tears welling up in our now grown-up and embittered eyes – and lose the plot entirely.


Our only gripe (so far) is that Frank Welker is not voicing the despotic leader of the Decepticons. We’re not sure who is providing Megatron’s voice in the game but it just sounds … weird. Maybe it’s too close to Prime’s voice? Let’s face it, though Hugo Weaving’s attempt wasn’t terrible in the Bay movies, when I hear words coming out of that metal bastard’s mouth, I expect them to sound all whiny and baleful like only Frank Welker can deliver.

Source: IGN