Twisted Metal Creator Wants To Know What You Want

Outspoken and refreshingly honest game designer David Jaffe is running a poll on his personal site asking fans of the Twisted Metal series what anyone who might be making a next-gen Twisted Metal game should focus on. There are four choices (two are there purely for comedic value) with the ability to vote for either Single-player or Multiplayer suggesting the studio have yet to fully decide where their attention should lie.

Twisted Metal for the PS3 is still – officially at least – not confirmed as being in development. Of course, Eat Sleep Play, the studio Jaffe founded after leaving SCEA, have a three game exclusivity deal with Sony. Jaffe himself regularly hints at its existence, and there was even a coded message at the end of the last Twisted Metal game that unequivocally states a PS3 version is coming. So, the use of phraseology such as “If someone were ever to maker another Twisted Metal Game …” doesn’t work on us Mr. Jaffe. We know your game. And we’d like to play.

Source: via GameZone