Dreamcast Classics Coming To XBLA?

Remember when that memo got leaked regarding Dreamcast games coming to the PS3? Well, it appears the Xbox 360 might have beaten Sony to it, if the screen below (which came originally from this Dutch site and picked up by Joystiq) is to be believed.

Sonic Adventure was a brilliant game in my opinion (not an opinion many shared mind) but that’s not really the point – the screenshot doesn’t say DX so I’m guessing this is the proper Dreamcast version and my SEGA fanboy mind is now running riot with all the possibilities this could bring.

Yep, I’m thinking Crazy Taxi, Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue… The screen appears to come from PartnerNet, the press version of XBLA, but we can’t vouch for its authenticity and the original blog from SegaOnline.nl appears to have been taken down. Here’s hoping it was true.