GRIN’s Ninja Game That Will Never Be

When now defunct Swedish studio GRIN went belly-up at the end of last year, some of the guys at the Stockholm based developer lamented how properties that were in development would now never see the light of day. Best known for the (unfortunately) mediocre Terminator Salvation and the misstep that was the Bionic Commando reboot, we know GRIN were hard at work at Fortress – an action title set in the world of Final Fantasy XII – before Square Enix yanked the project from under them over quality concerns.

Showcased in former GRIN artist Joakim Hellstedt’s portfolio, it appears the studio were also working on a ninja title. Labeled as a “pitch”, the game would have featured a protagonist in possession of the usual powers of ninjitsu, this time super-charged by ninja energy.


We highly recommend checking out Joakim’s sketches. Not only will you get a look at some art design that may still be used in Fortress (Square Enix are continuing with the project), the ninja content is interesting if not somewhat surreal. It looks like you would have fought both a helicopter and a dinosaur in this game.  Excuse us while we shed a lone, salty tear at what could have been.

GRIN Ninja

Via Siliconera