Kor-FX: “Emotional Surround Sound”

A few days ago I brought you news of surround sound chat, now get ready for “Emotional Surround Sound” with a new gizmo from terribly named company, ‘Immerz’. Kor-Fx is a small harness-like device that sits over your shoulders with two pads resting on the front of your chest and the unit is then plugged in to ‘any sound source’, for example a PC or console. Over to the Immerz PR team to explain what happens next;

‘Using entirely new acousto-haptic technology, the unit sends low-frequency vibrations into the chest cavity. The result? Users actually feel the experience. Gamers, in particular, benefit from KOR-fx because of its unique ability to provide directional feedback, creating an uncanny “7th Sense” awareness of where the next move is coming from, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a competitive virtual environment.’


Kor-FX has been recieving a lot of interest, a recent punter at the CES said,

“Got to try your product out really impressed by it watched Jurassic Park on the IPod Touch with this and it was amazing the feeling I got, I could feel the rain drops on the car and even now I’m amazed how it kind of pulled me in.”

Kor-FX will be available “soon” and will cost $189.99, you can pre-order from the Immerz website, a video of the device can be found on YouTube. In the meantime, here are some pictures of people using Kor-FX and they look like they’re enjoying themselves, either that or they have bad indigestion.