Lunchtime Discussion: Format War

Today’s slightly later discussion comes from nofi for the third time this week. The man is a god, you simply can’t stop him.

The tale of Blu-ray vs HD-DVD is now the stuff of legend, I was in California when the bomb finally dropped that the last of the major studios had dropped the Microsoft backed format and at that point went out and bought lots of Blu-rays to celebrate.  I probably own about 25 HD-DVDs and 60 or so Blu-rays, and whilst the picture and sound quality is pretty much the same across both type of disks, the success of the Blu-ray format will have had a massive affect on PS3 sales.

But what if HD-DVD had ‘won’ and the studios supporting the rival Blu-ray format had all jumped ship?  Would the Xbox now come with a HD-DVD player as standard?  Would the PS3 have sold as many units as it has given that the disk type it used was effectively dead?  How many of each format do you own?