Lunchtime Discussion: Gaming Setup

In general I’m broke. Sure I had a bit of money in my first year of university, and I have enough to live on easily enough, but I’m terrible at saving and my current account is normally close to empty at the end of the month. So this means that my gaming setup is, frankly, horrible. I play on a tiny, fifteen inch CRT that isn’t even wide and is covered in stickers from the time that it belonged to my brother. This makes playing some HD games next to impossible without squinting, as the text becomes illegible. Developers really need to sort this out, I can’t be the last person on earth in this situation can I?

Of course that’s not to say I wouldn’t like a bigger screen. I’ve just obtained a nineteen inch monitor for my PC, the first flat screen I’ve ever owned, and I must admit that it’s much nicer watching movies through my PC on that than it is on my TV. If I could afford it I’d get something similar as a TV, and then maybe some nice speakers to play it on.

The thing is, for most films or TV shows I watch a good setup doesn’t make a difference. Watching Scrubs for the thousandth time? I don’t really need a 5.1 surround sound set up for that or a 42″ Bravia so I can really see the pores on Zach Braff’s face. It would be nice for gaming, but if I’m perfectly honest I don’t game as much as I’d like to and certainly not enough to justify purchasing a quality set up. If I can get a bigger TV off of freecycle I probably will, but otherwise I’m perfectly happy to ignore it for the minute. However I feel I’m in the minority on this, so how do you guys game? Massive TV? Full surround sound? One of those gaming chairs? Are you hooking your console up to the digital projector at the cinema?