Lunchtime Discussion: Buttocks

That’s right, buttocks. A topic such as that can only come from TSA’s giant DJ (seriously, he looks huge) Tuffcub. Enjoy!

The Entertainment Software board and its British counterpart, the British Board of Film Classification, are a handy source of leaks and links and recently the ERSB has rated Lost Planet 2 for both Xbox and PS3. The ERSB was delightfully descriptive when it came to the characters of Lost Planet 2;

‘While male soldiers are typically clad in futuristic heavily armoured suits, a selectable female soldier sometimes wears a piece of cloth hanging down the front and back portions of her body; this outfit tends to reveal her buttocks.’


Capcom are obviously after some of Bayonetta’s market – naked buttocks! The game’s designers must also be Ninja Gaiden 2 fans,

‘Players are able to customize her with a bikini, draping chains, and a garter belt; in this outfit, the woman’s breasts will slightly jiggle—in slow motion—during combat.’

Slow Motion Breast Jiggling! Phwaooor! Look at the rockets on that one lads! Etc etc etc. OK, so by my sarcastic tone you can tell I’m not exactly impressed, for a start it doesn’t even make sense. Why would the male characters have ‘heavily armoured suits’ and the female characters run about a bikini that would make Jordan blush? In the classic film ‘Aliens’ do we find Hicks, Hudson and Gorman in armour and female character Vasquez in a sports bra and hot pants? No, Vasquez has the same armour as the men.

So today’s discussion: Do games designers need lessons in sexual equality, or at very least a two week course in fashion so they know sequined thongs and nipple tassles are not particularly good at stopping bullets?