New Peace Walker Info

A brief Konami press release has arrived to fill us all in on some secrets from MGS: Peace Walker. Due on the 28th of May, this is the next chapter in Naked Snake’s story and will be stealth action. Just how much stealth and how much action is not disclosed but we’re hoping it’s a nice mix of sneaking and shooting.

First reveal is that players will have a central base to collect items and personnel while playing through the game, the “Mother Base” offshore plant. Apparently players can recruit felled enemies and take them to their home base where they will become support staff for Naked Snake and “other characters”. Gathering more staff enables you to expand the base and gain new functionality. Nifty. Mother Base will also serve as a development area where weapons can be upgraded and information used to build new armaments.


Next up we’re told that there will be all new AI weapons including tanks, hovercraft and airborne vehicles. We’re hoping for a helicopter because a third person action game isn’t complete these days without a helicopter boss battle. Apparently, because genius is close to madness, these AI “behemoths” will be able to talk and sing to you. You’ve gotta love Kojima.

Finally, Konami have confirmed a wealth of multiplayer elements including four-player co-op and three-on-three battle royales via Ad-Hoc. We’re keeping our ears to the ground on this one and will let you know of any further info we hear through the walls of our cardboard boxes…