ITV & BBC To Make Games

The BBC have recently announced they will start developing games based on its big hits such Doctor Who, Top Gear and In The Night Garden for DS, Wii and ‘online’ (they mean Facebook). No mention of our favourite consoles which is surprising, especially when many reports show making money from a Wii or DS game is pretty hard due to the over saturation of the market. ITV have now said they wish to expand their presence in the games market. Do you want to know their exciting sales pitch?

“The Krypton Factor is a great vehicle for corporate staff training so developing this as a tool for commercial and public use gives added dimension. Emmerdale and Bullseye also lend themselves to fun family-orientated gaming.”


Hold me back! Corporate Fun Krypton Factor and Natal Emmerdale! I can hardly contain my excitement! Woohoo!

Source: MCV