Lunchtime Discussion: PSP – What Next?

Today’s discussion, courtesy of nofi, may seem a little short but he asks a good question. Where does the PSP need to Go (poor pun intended) next to survive till the year 3000 (again very poor pun intended).

The Go, by all accounts, hasn’t sold well and even in Japan where Sony  expected high adoption figures the sales have been disappointing.  Many see the Go as a step back, despite its advantages (better screen,  tethering, Bluetooth) and the price hasn’t helped either – it’s  probably about £50-£75 too expensive given that the core technology is  actually quite old now.

So, where next?  Naturally there’s rumours of a PSP 2 and all kinds of  talk on the new portable’s graphical grunt (potentially, at least) but  what would you like to see on the next PlayStation Portable?  Has the  lack of a UMD drive put you off a Go, and if so, would you call for a  return to a physical media format on the next model and what would you  like to see incorporated?  Touch screen?  Camera?  Motion control?