Geohot Hacks The PS3

It had to happen, as you can’t keep good hackers down, but finally someone has hacked the PS3.  According to George Hotz’s blog post, Geohot has made the acquaintance of the Hypervisor, which presumably is a really good sun shield for protecting the PS3 from overheating in warmer climates.

As the blog states, it’s taken well over 3 years for the PS3 to finally be hacked.  That’s pretty good going for consumer electronics these days, although George says it took him a total of 5 weeks to do the deed.  There’s not a lot of information yet, as you’d expect, but you can always follow @geohot on Twitter if you want to get the latest news as he releases it.


For the record, at TheSixthAxis we don’t condone piracy.

Source: News Tip from gc