EA Cash In On Pre-Owned Mass Effect 2

Last week we brought you news that Bioware announced (via Twitter) free launch day DLC for Mass Effect 2. This is still correct but only if you purchase the game new.

EA are planning on tackling the pre-owned market with Mass Effect 2 by penalising those who purchase a second hand copy of the game. Anyone who buys Mass Effect 2 as new, either boxed or digitally, will receive a code which grants the player access to The Cerberus Network. This network is where you will be able to access all of the game’s DLC, whether it be free or priced. Pre-owned copies of Mass Effect 2 will not have this code.


It’s here that EA are cashing in on a market that would normally offer no value to the publisher. You can get your hands on a code to The Cerberus Network by paying EA for one. They are limited to one code per user, purchases are linked to EA Online accounts and although you will still be able to purchase the priced DLC from the Xbox Live Marketplace, without The Cerberus Network you will not get access to any free DLC that Bioware have planned. EA have yet to announce the price of The Cerberus Network code.

The game is out this week and it will launch with free DLC via this special network, but will this and future downloadable content be worth the extra cost to owners of pre-owned copies? The free DLC that launches with the game will feature new weapons, new armour, new missions and a new hovering vehicle.

EA and Bioware did something similar with the Dragon Age: Origins DLC although this Mass Effect 2 stategy seems to be taking things further.

Source: Bioware [via MCVUK]