Capcom Date 2010 Titles

April 30th will see the releases of Super Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360 and PS3, an enhanced version of last years release. The game will feature the return of the car smashing bonus rounds, new online play modes and new characters including new Tae Kwon Do fighter Juri and classic characters such as T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Cody and Guy.

Those of you looking for a planet are obviously very careless, they are rather large it’s not like it’s going to slip down the back of the sofa and those of you have lost a planet twice really are butter fingers. However if you are missing a celestial orb you may well discover it on May 18th when Lost Planet 2 hits the shelves. More running about the world of E.D.N III will follow, quite possibly with big guns to kill all slimy alien things.


Also joining the party will be Final Fight: Double Impact on PSN and XBLA “spring 2010” and Dead Rising which has a vague “2010” date. Dead Rising will be accompanied by a new live action film, “Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun”.

Source: IGN