Bayonetta Gets PS3 HD Install Patch

The PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta will get a much needed “install” option tomorrow, according to  The patch, which will allow the PS3 game to be installed to the hard drive should dramatically reduce the lengthy load times that plagued that particular version of SEGA’s otherwise rather good third person brawler.

As the screengrab below shows, the install will be entirely optional (as should always be the case) and the “install” feature will sit on the game’s main screen.  I’ll see if I can find out how big the install is, or whether it’s coming to the European version of the game, once SEGA awake from their slumber this morning.


No word on whether the patch will improve the frame rate, though – I’m currently playing through the 360 version of Bayonetta and the difference is staggering.

Thanks, w3r3w0lf.