Free Dragon Age: Origins DLC Still On Store

[Update] You just have to LOOK for it.

Our friends over at PS3Attitude have spotted some free DLC in the wild that we thought we should bring to your attention. A dozen trinkets and doohickeys for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins are still available to download for free on the European PS Store – if you know where to look for them.

Bizarrely, these items are not listed under the Dragon Age: Origins hub found on the Store. Instead, you have to type in “Dragon Age Origins” in the fancy Search feature, and lo and behold, buried within the 93 search results, you’ll find the following all free of charge:

  • Blood Dragon Armor
  • Guildmaster’s Belt (belt)
  • Feral Wolf Charm (amulet)
  • The Wicked Oath (ring)
  • Memory Band (ring)
  • Band of Fire (ring)
  • The Lion’s Paw (boots)
  • Embri’s Many Pockets (belt)
  • The Lucky Stone (ring)
  • Mark of Vigilance (amulet)
  • Helm of the Deep (helmet)
  • The Edge (dagger)

Of course, Dragon Age stalwarts and frequent visitors to Ferelden probably have all of the above (and then some). But for new fledgling Dragon Agers, we hope the above proves beneficial in your quest for glory.

[Update] We hope you managed to snag yourself the goodies while you could, as Sony have now corrected the slip-up and the content is no longer available for free.

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