MAG Gets an Unofficial Headset Bundle

Game are listing MAG, the 256 player PS3 exclusive online FPS that really didn’t need this mini-description, in a bundle with a bluetooth headset. We weren’t sure whether or not this was an official bundle, so we contacted Sony, who had this to say:

‘No, that’s not an official bundle.’


So, that’s that sorted out. Since Sony don’t have the sense to bundle the game with a headset, it seems Game have taken it upon themselves to make their own, which is good thinking, considering that MAG revolves around teamwork.

We have no clue what headset is in said bundle, but we doubt it’s the Official Sony one, which is what we recommend you go and buy anyway. The bundle releases on Friday along with the game – unless you’re American, in which case it released yesterday and you’re a lucky bugger.

Source:, thanks, danny-c-2k9.