EatSleepPlay Ready New Game

David Jaffe’s EatSleepPlay have been working on their 2nd game for Sony under the shadow of secrecy, but it appears that’s all about to change.  In a Tweet from the studio, a spokesperson for the company said they’d “just viewed a fantastic 1st cut of an upcoming press video,” presumably referring to a trailer for whatever it is they’re working on. “Looks amazing, I would buy that game,” it concludes.

Jaffe has been mainly associated with the Twisted Metal series, and hopes are high amongst fans that this will be another entry into the series.  The PS3 is ripe for some hardcore heavy metal racing, destruction derby style, and with a decent online infrastructure behind it the game could be pretty good.  The next ‘press’ event looks like GDC (in March) so let’s hope we get more information during that particular conference – if it’s Twisted Metal with a solid online multiplayer mode, we’re sold.


Via GAF.