Did Sony Create The Bayonetta Install Patch?

According to Dutch site Tweakers.net, today’s Bayonetta update was created, not by the actual publisher of the game who handled the porting duties of the PS3 version, but by Sony themselves.

Our Dutch is rusty* but, quoting Sega of Holland, the patch apparently is nothing to do with either the developer of Bayonetta, Platinum Games, or Sega themselves and was driven by the gaming giant.


Could this be a case of Sony stepping in and, in a fit of shame and anger at the inferiority of the game on their platform, doing the right thing by implementing this fix on their own dime? We’ll make a few calls and see if anyone is willing to comment.

For the record: I’ve been playing Bayonetta on the PS3 for most of the morning, and I can honestly attest that the loading times are completely eradicated. It’s truly a different experience and one that should have been available from the start.

*We have no Dutch.