MGS: Peace Walker Delayed; Totally MGS5

It would appear that fans looking forward to some new Snake action will have to scratch March 18th off their calendar and pencil in April 29th instead. Of course, we’re only talking about fans in its home country of Japan as the nebulous later Western release date of “May” is still in effect.

The Japanese delay is reported over at Andriasang, who also highlights the recent new “Piece Walker” site for those who want to start their new Metal Gear experience early. The site is actually quite nifty, with a co-operative jigsaw puzzle on offer and some cool prizes for the game’s top players.


Peace Walker’s director, the imitable Hideo Kojima, recently came out and told the Official PlayStation Magazine that the new PSP Metal Gear Solid game “could have been Metal Gear Solid 5.” Kojima-san states:

“Since it is on PSP, I did not officially number it. But the game design, story, number of staff and budget — you can say that this is a big project. It would’ve been number 5. It’s not a side story or a spin-off. It’s not like Portable Ops or Acid. I am deeply involved and this is the next Metal Gear.”

Considering Peace Walker takes place between Snake Eater (3) and Guns of the Patriots (4), we already thought it was pretty much MGS5. But thanks for the confirmation Kojima-san.

Alt source: 1UP