Exclusive: Sony to Bring Back Continuous Play?

As many of you probably know from my unending complaints, my PS3 died on me a while ago. Obviously, once I removed myself from the corner of my room and wiped the tears of testosterone (because I’m a man) from my eyes, I called up Sony. I was then horrified by the price they required to replace the console.

However, today I called them up again, finally with the means to get it fixed. This isn’t about me, though. The nice man I was chatting to over at Sony told me something interesting – he said that the warranty system Sony used to have would be starting up again. I probed a little deeper, asking him if he meant Continuous Play – the system that was cancelled because of people abusing it by taking it out after their PS3 had died, then getting it replaced.


Indeed, this was what he was talking about. He said that that Continuous Play might be back up in the next three months (in reference to the warranty I would get with my refurbished console), but if it isn’t it should be sometime after. The board are discussing it but haven’t got back to them on it yet. One thing was for certain though; he said that the service would be restarting at some point.

Good news? We like to think so. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get cancelled again.

We’ve fired off an email to SCEE for confirmation.