Retail Prices May Rise In 2010

The videogame industry may be facing another financial hurdle in 2010 as expectations of a price increase on boxed goods are high. The reason? It’s all down to a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. In this case – Polycarbonate.

Are you still reading? Good. I won’t bog you down in the science of it all because…well, frankly I don’t know the science of it all; but rest assured it is real science and not some sort of shampoo advert or the latest milkshake to keep your bifidus madeupness in check.


Anyway…Polycarbonate, an essential part in the manufacture of CDs, DVDs and other optical disc storage, has seen a steady increase in its wholesale price over the past year and the fears are that if they continue to rise, the price will be passed on by disc-makers which in turn means a higher RRP.

Obviously this means that the videogame industry won’t be the only media to feel the effect but 2009 was a turbulent year for pretty much everyone involved in games and this could prove to be another set back if it means that we as consumers face even more cost.

Who’d have thought that a piece of plastic with a tensile strength of 55-75 MPa could impact the cost of gaming?

Source: DigiTimes