GW: The Wrong Direction?

It’s all about motion control, this here GW. Foxhound_Solid, who may or may not be a fan of Metal Gear Solid, discusses the waggle craze that has been sweeping the ‘gaming’ world and whether or not this is a bad thing. I’m sure you can guess which way I swing – not at all. I don’t want to be waving my arms around like a man on fire whilst playing a game, the pad’s the way to go.

With the Gaming Warfare battling furiously between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo I have a concern for the very first time. I am ever so slightly worried that ‘Gaming and his Sidekick’ are moving all too swiftly in the wrong direction. The Wii and its runaway success is about the system and its style being a very relaxed approach to gaming with alternative ideas, Wii Fit and Wii Sports are testament to this being Family and Party orientated. The Wii’s Control System is a FAD that we all expected to die instantly but impressive use along with word of mouth referrals tied in with some regular ads showed us that the Casual Market [think of this as people who like the idea but have only ever heard of Mario and Sonic] are interested in being part of the fun.

The Wii has some great games which I have experienced and can vouch for such as Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil 4 to name a few, however I think that the gaming world’s competitors have a tendency to look over their shoulders at what each other is doing sometimes instead of concentrating on their own work, like the cheeky kid at school who always had scuffed knees and mud on his face. In this case Sony and Microsoft keep ‘eyeballing’ the athlete that is the Wii.

Let me give you my example, Project Natal and Sony’s GEM [TBC] make me think ‘Why?’, I mean do we really want these features? Is all the research and development worth the hassle and do Sony and Microsoft want to be watered down and regarded as Casual’s in what was once such a vibrant if not Cult-ish style choice of entertainment? I keep trying to be positive about the Natal and Gem possibilities as this is an opportunity for the Two HD Kings to pick this idea up and do something special with it, although I still keep coming away thinking that the future looks, well, rather dull.

I mean, when I want to have a blast on Killzone 2 online am I going to have to set up the Camera and make sure all breakables are moved or tied down? Am I going to have to make sure all the curtains are drawn so no one can see me jumping? Am I going to have to remember where I put m 3D Glasses as this looks to be the direction we are going in? Am I gonna to look like I am hooked up to Life Support when all I really want to do is Kick Back and enjoy some epic battles whilst chilling after a day’s work and an evening at the Gym.

I can’t help but think that this phase of these generation of Consoles is where things are beginning to blur for me. I mean, if I am forced to buy into the whole ‘Kit and Caboodle’ then these games are gonna have to be mind blazingly good, I mean so good that I emerge from my room long nailed, heavily bearded so hungry that my spine is visible through my stomach, due the experiences being of Colossal sized goodness. For me I say this is the stage of gaming I going to be the biggest contribution of Landfill, Under Bed Clutter and Financial Misery [Bad Games and Recycled Wii Titles]. I mean the current style of play on PS3 is awesome, you pick up the pad and hit the PS Button and your good to go! For me you can’t beat kicking back with your pad and just getting into the game ,cruising around Home, playing games online, you catch my drift – Simplicity.

I mean I am confused as to how the intricate actions would be administered? Steering with no Wheel? Shooting with no Gun? Stealth Elements? Running Elements, Swimming Elements, Football Elements? The basic moves such as Kick and Punch are obvious but what about the little techy moves such as dodges and tricks? Turns and Lifts. I mean imagine running through MW2 using Natal with nothing? You’ll be bored and tired inside thirty minutes. I also can’t see the sensitivity being as acute as it would need to be. The Gem for me sounds like it will fall into the Groove that is Wii and I understand that the feature is fairly cool but, really, will they be able to bring anything new or will it be Wii Style antics in 1080p? Maybe I am missing something here but it just feels too much, Kind of like using a Huge 5 Star Michelin Restaurants Kitchen to make a slice of toast? Brilliant Ideas, Cool Showcases, Good all the same but not really necessary? I for one think that the consoles should remain bundles of entertainment as oppose to indirect workouts.

As a result of this I think that this wont work and I don’t want to sound negative as all Consoles have got something great to offer this year and beyond. I just don’t think that added peripherals is the way forward. I have and always will reach for my Sixaxis Rumble Enabled Wireless as this is the thing. The Pad is the greatest way to enjoy a Game!