Musicality Coming to Home

On Monday I went into Home, and to be honest, it was a bit crap. I promised myself that I wouldn’t return, but today I changed my mind again. On Thursday nDreams, the creators of Xi, possibly the best thing existing in Sony’s virtual kingdom, will be launching “Musicality”, something worth enduring Home’s loading for.

Musicality is a Home space which allows up to four players the ability to ‘jam’ cooperatively, or competitively in a Guitar Hero/Rock Band style by hitting buttons on your dualshock in time to music on guitars, keyboards, drums and decks. So basically it’s a poor man’s Rock Band? Well not really. It certainly looks fun, you can play to an audience of other Home dwellers and it’s free!


Best of all though, is a variety of dance loops which are included allowing you to mix your own songs to play with. Add to that the option to buy Rock and R&B packs and I think that there’s a wonderfully robust space that should temp anyone to sit through Home’s painful updating process. But enough of me talking about it, you can see it yourself below.

Source: PS3 Attitude