Dark Void DLC Incoming

Capcom have posted over on their official blog detailing upcoming DLC for jet-pack misfire Dark Void. ‘Survivor Mode’ is your basic keep-fighting-until-you-drop-dead offering, with endless waves of ground and air-based enemies out to snare your jet-pack. Or maybe they just want you dead. Either works.

The soundtrack comprises of 80 minutes of hand-picked selections from composer Bear McCreary (who did the score for Battlestar Galactica among other things). Probably the coolest thing about the product is that it also contains an 8-bit rendition of the theme. Gotta love that retro music. We might be missing something (it happens more than you think), but we can’t see a price for the soundtrack mentioned over on the blog.


The DLC hits the Xbox 360 on February 10th, and costs 400 points. PS3 users get theirs February 11th for $4.99 (probably £2.99/€3.99)

With an aggregate score of 59%, we’re not sure how many of you will be picking up this new content. That said, it’s not often a new title drops to £14.99 so soon after its release. Surely there has to be £15 quid work of enjoyment somewhere in the Void. No? Well, if you say so.