Echoshift Demo Due This Month

Remember Echochrome? The mind-melting Escher-esque temporal black and white puzzler from Japan Studio? Yeah, well – as we’re sure you’re already aware – though not officially regarded as a “sequel” per se – Echoshift is a similarly styled brain-buster. Focusing on the whole time element whereas Echochrome was more about perspective and how shifting it opened up new opportunities, Echoshift also adds a dab of colour to the palette.

Over at the US PlayStation blog, Brian Chou explains its gameplay:


Each level features crazy puzzles and obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach its exit door. You have a set amount of time to reach each level’s exit, and your actions are recorded as you play through the level, creating an “echo” of your past. If time runs out before you can complete the level, you start over from the beginning alongside your echo.

The echo will repeat any actions you took before, which you can use to your advantage this time around to help clear obstacles you couldn’t by yourself! Cooperate with your echoes to climb platforms, clear gaps, and reach switches that you couldn’t before.

Expect to have to create multiple echoes to help yourself – it’s all about lateral thinking. The game also has three separate modes: Cast, Key and Illuision.

A demo for the PSP game is due this month, while the full game will comprise of 56 levels to twist your noggin. DLC – which literally will be more spatially infuriating penance for those who can’t get enough – is also planned. No word if, like Echochrome, user-created levels are a possibility at this time.

Mindless piece of trivia I know you don’t care about but I’m going to tell you anyway: Echochrome was the first game I purchased for my PSP when I picked it up in Japan (where it’s known as Mugen Kairō). I played it so much on the plane home that, when I landed, I didn’t know what dimension I was in, never mind what country.