GOW III Ultimate Edition: Box Unveiled

A post on the EU Blog has revealed the packaging for the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition. If you have spent £100+ to get your hands on this box of goodies then this will be the first thing you see before you tear it open in order to let the chaos out. Opening Pandora’s box, which is contained within the first box, will reveal all of the treats that we have previously mentioned; in case you need reminding, here’s what you’ll get:

  • God of War III
  • God of War Collection
  • Extra game content downloadable via PlayStation Network:
  • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges to complete
  • Dominus character skin
  • Apollo character skin
  • Phantom of Chaos character skin
  • Forgotten Warrior character skin
  • Special audio bonus
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War I, II, and III scores from the game (3 CDs in total)
  • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (downloadable via PSN)
  • Additional content:
  • Artbook
  • Postcards
  • March is just out of reach – it’s looking at us right now and laughing at the fact the we have the stupid month of February in the way. It’s not even a real month. February will pay!


    Anyway, a new trailer for the hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive is due around the 11th/12th February.