MGS4 Sells 5 Million

This Sunday evening I shall be combining two aspects of TSA: News reporting and Challenge TSA. The news is about Metal Gear Solid 4, the challenge is that I have fired up the Aliens Vs Predator demo and I’m going to see if it can find a game before I finish typing this up.

So, on to the news…


ScrawlFX have uncovered some data from Konami’s Fiscal Year 2010 3rd Quarter Financial Results and since the game’s launch Metal Gear Solid 4 has sold a rather staggering 5 million units and – hang on, my PS3 is now telling my controller has timed out as it hasn’t done anything for ten minutes – sorted that, where was I?

Ah yes, Metal Gear Solid 4 sold 650,000 units in this fiscal year alone. Pretty staggering numbers for a game that came out in Summer 2008. This means MGS4 is the PS3’s biggest selling exclusive game and Gran Turismo 5 is going to have a lot of catching up to do.

Right – spell check, add icon, last read through to make sure I call Gran Tourismo ‘Gran Turismo’ and not ‘Grand Tourismo’ like I always do – and – we’re done.  And still nothing from the Aliens Vs Predator Demo.  Epic Fail, fifteen minutes and not one person online apparently, and thus not one match.