Trigger Happy – Part Two

Last Saturday I revealed that I was working on a PSP/PS3 game due for release via Sony’s Minis service, something I’m particularly fond of.  Well, that game is now up and running, at least in a prototype form, and to finally see it in the flesh, responding to button presses and with most of the core gameplay intact was superbly heart warming – all my ideas were present and correct and the few tweaks the developers had added were for the better.

I’m really happy how it’s turned out, because although the mechanics seemed fine on paper in the design documentation things don’t always work out so well when it’s up and running for real.  As it happens, my want to keep things simple and take gaming back to its foundations of focused rules and streamlined controls might just pay off.  Of course, there’s still some way to go yet but if we can keep everything together as the game builds we’ll be happy bunnies.

But what is the game?  Well, although I’m not yet wanting to dish out screenshots I can say that it’s sat comfortably straddling Tron-esque visuals and a risk-reward based gameplay, all synced to electronic music.  I’m a big fan of games like Rez and although we’re taking a more top-down, arcade style of play (it’s not a shooter) there are a couple of obvious influences at play here that will hopefully be appealing to anyone who loves old school sentiments.

And the guys doing all the coding?  Just Add Water, the team behind PS3 (and, shortly, PSP) title Gravity Crash chosen mainly because I know they share my appreciation of classic gameplay styles and have a solid grasp of the PlayStation hardware.  The game’s already running superbly on the PSP and I have every faith in JAW bringing together all my ideas as we work towards getting the game onto the PlayStation Store, which hopefully won’t be that far off.

JAW will be running regular Developer Diaries on the game starting next week, so keep an eye on their site.  And the name?  Hopefully it’ll be revealed soon, but let’s just say that if we stick to what we’re wanting it to be called, you won’t mistake it when you see it available for download…  Until next time, when hopefully we’ll be at the stage when we can show you the game in motion and obviously I’m getting rather excited at finally doing so!