Lunchtime Discussion: Envy

Sad as it may be, some of us only own one console. The cost of gaming this generation is at an all time high and, for a lot of us, there’s simply no way we could afford to buy all the consoles and feed them with games. Whether it be a single, incredibly simple DS or PSP game that you just wish you could get your hands on or a huge AAA title for the home console you don’t own, everyone has something they wish they didn’t have to miss out on.

The clearest memory I have of console envy is of the original Xbox. Sure I had a PS2 and a GameCube, and maybe the Xbox did look sort of like a breeze-block someone had tried to stylize, but it had the Halo series and WWE Raw, two titles that I desperately wanted. Halo didn’t really seem to have any equivalent title on the Sony or Nintendo sides. Everyone tried to tout the first Killzone as Sony’s version, but they’re really very different games, and very different styles of games. Also, in all honesty, Killzone wasn’t really that good. It felt clunky, slow and wasn’t all that fun. Plus I can’t remember the story at all. By contrast what I played of Halo on friends’ Xboxes seemed a much slicker experience. The controls felt tighter and more responsive, the array of weapons was just cooler, and I can recall the story from the sections I played.

The Halo/Killzone thing seems obvious, but why WWE Raw? Surely there was the SmackDown! series on the PS2. Whilst true, WWE Raw just seemed better. For a start, because of the Xbox’s hard-disk drive you could build custom entrances for your wrestlers using your own music! That seemed pretty awesome to me at the time. I also heard reports that the physics weren’t nearly as broken as they were in SmackDown! at the time (something the series struggled with for a long time), and the game was supposed to just play a lot better according to my brother. The jealousy was rampant with this game, I considered saving up my meagre earnings to get an Xbox and only this title – I actually wanted it far more than Halo. Even now it pulls at me if I see it in a pre-owned section.


As for this generation? Well there’s a few things that make me want a PS3, but nothing is nearly as tempting as when I had a PS2 and was missing the Xbox. However the Wii has a lot of titles that call out to me. Super Mario Galaxy is brilliant, I really want to try Zelda with motion controls, Mario Party is always great fun and I really, really want to try MadWorld.

Maybe one day I’ll own all three consoles, but that probably won’t be until the Next Generation is fast approaching. For now I’ll continue to feel my envy towards the Wii and sort of want a PS3 with no concrete reason why. What about you? Have you got one of the two big boys and desperately want the other? If so, what games are pulling you towards it? Or if you’ve got both do you want the Wii for some motion controlled goodness? Maybe you’re lucky and own all three, so just want to be a bit smug. Anyway lets have those opinions! Oh and if you must make them, I will probably read lists of reasons I “need a PS3”.

Pre-Emptive Silly Comment: <insert obvious joke about penis envy>

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