Lunchtime Discussion: Killer Instinct

Weapons, weapons everywhere, but not a shot to sink. Into someone’s skull. Ok, at least I tried, even if it didn’t come out so well. Yes today we’re going to be talking about weapons, and more specifically kills. Sounds morbid doesn’t it? Just what you wanted on your lunch break.

So we’ve all got our favourites, for example I’m particularly fond of sniper rifles. Bolt actions are fine, and certainly add to the realism, but something with burst fire or at least with a semi-automatic reload is better. Of course a shotgun is great at close range, although normally it’s just spray and pray. Not seeing the interesting part yet? Don’t worry I’m getting there.

See once you throw things like grenades and knives into the mix the kinds of kills you get in a typical match start to get far more interesting. Thanks to the growth of match replays and uploads to services like YouTube we can see all these frankly crazy kills in their full glory. Watching as someone, somehow, manages to get a knife kill from half way across the map or manages to bounce a grenade off of four walls before killing a dozen of the opposing team in one go is actually incredibly cool and kind of impressive.


So after that startling small input from me, lets get you guys going. What kind of weapon are you reaching for as soon as the game starts up? Small calibre, or are you running straight for the rocket launcher? And what’s the best kill you’ve ever managed to pull together in a game? Grenading someone off a ledge with mere seconds to spare? Somehow nailing a head shot through a wall?