Dead Rising 2: Case Zero 360 Exclusive

Capcom have revealed that Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.  Case Zero is an extra level added to the beginning of September’s Dead Rising 2’s story and will be available shortly before the game itself is released.

Technically, Case Zero is a stand alone product and won’t require Dead Rising 2 to run, but this is much more than just a demo, it’ll be a completely new level and will set up the game’s zombie invasion and link the first game into the second, tempting players into splashing the cash on the real deal.


Peter’s getting hands on with Dead Rising 2 right now, and will feed back with his impressions ASAP.

The section available at X10 is the North Strip of Fortune City, with the casino, stores and other attractions explorable.  The latest build of the game also adds a brand new feature – the ability for players to create improvised weapons by combining two items.