Lunchtime Discussion: Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has one. That item that you don’t really want to admit to owning, but you still do and you love it. It’s the same with everything. For example I’ll admit that I own the first 35 Animorphs books, although I haven’t read them for a while. They are still pretty awesome. I would say I was guilty about comics, but that’s just not true, comics are awesome.

Anyway the guilty pleasure rules apply to games as well. Hidden in everyone’s collection is that game that they don’t really know why they own, have no idea why they bought it, but they still enjoy it. I know I’ve certainly got a few titles that I’m not really sure why I own.

A few years ago I bought FIFA Street year-with-an-0-in-it. It’s an original Xbox title, but I’ve never even opened the case to check if it’s actually compatible with my 360. It’s a pretty guilty title for me, owning a sports title just seems weird, particularly football. I’ve owned a few NBA and NHL titles in the past, but football is kinda weird. I play FIFA from time to time, but it’s never because it’s a football game, it’s because it’s a social activity.


I can actually imagine people thinking I’m strange for being mildly embarassed by a football title, by sports. On the other hand it’s not like I own Dora the Explorer or have a copy of Barbie Horse Adventures hidden in my cupboard, you have to go to Tuffcub for that. The whole point is to find what you’ve got hidden away anyway.

So what game cases do you hide from everyone else? What game would you never bring out in public? Can it be as bad as Dora the Explorer?

Thanks to bunimomike for suggesting this topic. Got your own suggestions? Why not submit them over here?