X10 – Expected Games

Major Nelson has tweeted with some hints on the games that’ll be at X10.  “SCDR2F3HRLP2”, he said cryptically, followed by “GRPDAWTS”.  Hardly the Enigma code, though, is it Major?

So, what’s going to be there for Peter to sample?  SC must be Splinter Cell: Conviction, DR2 will be Dead Rising 2, F3 Fable III.  HR I’m not sure about but I’m guessing it’s Halo: Reach, but LP2 has got to be Lost Planet 2.


GR?  Ghost Recon, surely, and PD will be Perfect Dark, the XBLA HD port of the N64 classic.  Alan Wake fits AW but TS?  Time Splitters?  Toy Story?  The Sims?  Probably just Toy Soldiers.

Stay tuned to TSA for all your X10 news live from San Francisco.