Digger HD Gets Demo

It’s not just 90 minutes of THQ’s Darksiders being announced this week, because there’s another demo in the running and this one’s out this week.  Well, if you’re European – the US version is the 25th alongside Darksiders.

If you’ve not heard of Digger HD, it’s a remake of the classic PC game, Digger™, from the early 80s, with a “major facelift for the new millennium”.  It’s actually pretty good – the new graphics are lovely and the gameplay’s damned addictive.


In the game you control a little, well, digger and you have to dash around underground collecting jewels and money, all the while avoiding nasty monsters that have a habit of eating machinery for breakfast.

“Creat Studios is excited to make Digger HD available to all PSN players,” Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO and co-founder of Creat Studios. “We’re confident that players of all ages will fall in love with its charming blend of high-end graphics and old-school gameplay.”