Lunchtime Discussion: Bucking the Norm

Here at TheSixthAxis we like to moan about modern games sometimes, oh for the days of simple gaming. Sure there’s a lot of buzz about Sonic 4 but without a d-pad that clicks and a controller that hurts a little to hold it won’t be the same. Whilst that doesn’t mean we dislike all modern games, it does mean that some of our views are going to be outside of the mainstream. So today let’s talk about games that we’re “supposed” to love but can’t really stand. Everyone has one of those titles, whether it be games, films or books; there’s that title that you know you should like but don’t really.

What’s mine? Well I would say Uncharted 2, but I haven’t actually played it. For some reason nothing in the game grabs me. The colours look too bright, everything seems far too scripted and the action just doesn’t seem that interesting. However as I said I haven’t actually played it, so I won’t talk about it anymore. I could easily be proven wrong if I spent some time with it.

Next on my dislike list is Modern Warfare 2, although I’m talking about the single player solely. On the other hand I’m not actually sure I’m supposed to like the single player, Infinity Ward don’t seem to have put much effort in. The story is choppy, confusing and incredibly loose. I’m not actually sure how my attacking a snow covered airfield is linked to shooting people in an airport or the United States coming under attack.


It sucks that I don’t really know why I’m doing things but that would be forgivable if I was enjoying the missions. Aside from the bit with the UAV – which was actually pretty cool and fun – I don’t think I’ve enjoyed very much of it. I guess the motion detector thing on the ice level was fun as well. However as I said, I don’t think that I’m supposed to be enjoying it, I think that it may be some kind of punishment for not playing the multiplayer.

Maybe I’m being a little negative here, and I should look at it in reverse. So games I’ve enjoyed, but am supposed to hate. The one that stands out is Tomb Raider Legend (and Underworld, based on what I played in a shop once).

I know that I’m not really supposed to like any Tomb Raider game after Tomb Raider 3 but Legend was actually enjoyable. The game play was solid, the addition of the grappling hook made for some fun challenges and I don’t see why it got such a bad rep. Ok it was a little short, I completed it in a day but I feel like I got good value for money out of it.

Now I know today’s topic could get a little controversial, so please don’t make it personal if someone has a differing view to you. Just because someone hated GoldenEye doesn’t make them a bad person, although I trust most of our readers to get that. With that out of the way, time to discuss. What did you love but should have hated, or hated but should have loved? Hate Halo, but sort of think you should like it? Love Dora the Explorer? Come on, let it out.

Thanks to Kovacs for suggesting this topic. Have you own topic suggestion? Well let me know!