Meet The Staff: Gastos84

It’s the turn of the staff again this week, with some special How To Becomes lined up for the future. TheSixthAxis is all about community, so with that in mind we continue with Meet The Staff in an attempt to get that little bit more personal with our members.

He’s one of our more witty members of the collection, with prime examples throughout all of the Abridged Too Fars, but what makes him tick? Read on to find out all about Lewis, or Gastos84 to you.


Name: Lewis Gaston
Age: 25
Birthplace: A hospital ;-)
Living now: Portsmouth
Trophy Level: Level 10 71%

Q: You are most known for your Friday Fights and Abridged Too Fars here on TheSixthAxis, but how do you kick back and relax?

A: I play the piano, which is very relaxing. And I also compose music when I’m not suffering from the musical equivolent of writer’s block. I would say musical block but it sounds like some sort of violent party game for children. I doodle a lot as well. Sticking with the music theme I also listen to a lot and will often dedicate an hour or so to just checking out a new album or rediscovering old favourites. When not doing anything music-related, I turn to films. Massive film buff, me!

Q: Gastos84 sounds like a hoover from the future, but in real life have you had any weird and/or wonderful nicknames?

A: Well, similar to Peter, being 6ft 4 gains the obvious names like ‘Big Man/lad/guy’. I used to get called Coco in regards to my shoe size but luckily that died a long time ago. But, due to my real name of Lewis, Lew Lew, Louis, and Lew-la-belle seem to be the regulars.

Q: We all know you’re quite humorous, so there must be some embarrassing stories hidden in the depths of your brain.

A: I have a rather bizarre phobia of wood or material being licked or put int the mouth. I was once confronted by a small child licking the wooden stick of an ice lolly and I couldn’t hold back the vomit and threw up in front of a couple of people. Even worse was the fact that I was on my own at the time so I just looked like a crazy vomit monster!

Q: Is there a certain someone in your life who can pull you away from games? Or does she infact game herself?

A: Currently I’m single so I don’t have that moaning but I actually don’t get a lot of time to myself anyway these days so I don’t need the extra distraction.

Q: Which game started the hobby, and because of that really deserves abridging?

A: I think I’ll have to blame Sonic for that and I have already Abridged that one!

Q: And what is your favourite game to ever grace any console?

A: A part of me wants to say Uncharted 2 but unfortunately my love for God of War is stopping me. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I love that game. So, my answer would be God of War. Or God of War II to be more precise.

Q: So far we’ve had a photographer and an unemployed coder. What do you do to give back to the society?

A: I’ve been a bartender, head waiter and even made salt-water activated lights for boats! Presently I am the Office Manager of an online wholesaler that deal with heating and bathroom supplies. It’s not very glamorous but it’s paying the bills.

Q: Last of all, anything you’d like to say to our readers?

A: First of all I would like to say that Abridged Too Far will be returning to TSA within the next couple of weeks. Thank you for all the love for that particular feature and other stuff I’ve done, the comments do get read and really do give a morale boost. Unless you’re slagging me off, in which case I tend to go and have a cry in my shed! Oh and seeing as it’s what all the cool kids do, you can follow me on Twitter (@Gastos84) if you want. I’m not very interesting but you’ll probably witness some stupid questions and A LOT of swearing.

He’s musical, single and despises wood. The ladies should be queuing up! I’m glad to hear Abridged Too Far will be returning. Maybe we could have multiple versions of a Heavy Rain one? We’ll just have to wait and see. Also, thanks to Lewis for revealing all (except in his picture).