Magic Carpet Hits US PS3

Whilst Xbox 360 owners look forward to Fable 3, PS3-only gamers will have to make do with some old school Molyneux titles, like Populous and Magic Carpet, the latter of which has just appeared (in its PS1 form) on the US Store for the PS3 and PSP despite being out in Europe since last year.

For those unfamiliar with Bullfrog’s 1994 PC title, Magic Carpet wowed gamers back in the day with its realtime mountain ranges, fog, water reflections and fancy gouraud shading.  Sure, it looks like a bloody mess of massive pixels now, but it was quite the thing back then.


The Tester launches today on the US Store, too – a non-too subtle blend of Big Brother and larking about.

Also available on the US Store today is the Yakuza 3 demo and Halfbrick’s wonderful looking Rocket Racing, which has been delayed until March for the European Store, unfortunately.  A shame, as the top down racer was looking like being one hell of a PSP Minis title and would have been nice for a break from VectorTD…