CoD Vietnam Evidence Gathering

There is some news floating around the Internet today about the setting of the next Call Of Duty game, and this appear to build on the rumours that TheSixthAxis uncovered last May, when we published an article about Activision making moves to licence Vietnam War era music.

The latest information add weight to those rumours that Vietnam will serve as the backdrop to Treyarch’s next entry in the franchise, with reports from across the pond that there was a casting call for voiceover parts for four key characters from the forthcoming game.

One of the characters is Frank Barnes a hardened veteran of WWII and is now a member of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, who were a highly classified covert special operations unit.

The couple of other characters mentioned seem to be the typical US Army grunts, who you’ll probably recognise from every FPS ever made but perhaps more interesting the fourth character is a Russian female CIA operative.

So it’s pretty obvious to everyone now that the next Call Of Duty will be in Vietnam, all that’s missing now is confirmation, hence the rumour tag but we’ll bring that to you as soon as we have it.