Lunchtime Discussion: Frugal Gaming

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m frequently broke. This has always seemed a little odd, as I earn good money and don’t have too many outgoings. Nevertheless I never seem to have any money. Hence getting stuff cheap really matters to me, and even if I wasn’t short on cash I just dislike paying more than £30 for a game unless it’s a must have. Gaming is an expensive hobby, and paying more than £30 just makes it unfeasible.

So today we’re going to talk about your best deal. Mine is easy to remember, it was buying my Xbox 360. I was working in a supermarket at the time, and was good friends with the assistant deputy manager. He wanted to get a PS3 at launch, and was looking to sell his 360 to fund some of the insane launch price. However he didn’t want to be mean either, so he was willing to go cheap. How cheap? Well he sold me an Xbox 360, that had never been registered or even seen an internet connection, with six games, for £200. It was, of course, a Pro and at a little over a year  after release it probably would have cost me at least £250 for the console alone, let alone with six titles. Sure they weren’t all great games (I struggle to remember what they all were now), but I could still trade them in or sell them on eBay and make a great deal even better.

So that’s the story of how I entered into the current generation on shoestring, although it’s probably one I’ve told before. It is, by far, the best deal I’ve ever got on anything related to gaming and one that I think is probably a good deal, even today. However these topics aren’t about me, so what about you? What deals have you managed to get your hands on? Did you go to Sainsburys and get Modern Warfare 2 for it’s insanely low launch price? Come on, spit it out.