Crash Time 3 Launch Trailer

If we were to carry out a straw poll on who would like to experience more Burnout style racing (and crashing) action then I’d be completely certain that 200% of respondents would vote yes. Well the good news, for Xbox 360 owners at least is that Crash Time 3 looks to fill the void that Criterion are leaving as they are tasked with bringing EA’s Need For Speed franchise up to standard.

Developed by German studio Synetic it looks a great mix between Burnout Paradise’s open world hi-octane action and the mission based gameplay seen in The Wheelman. Unfortunately Crash Time 3 doesn’t appear to be getting a full retail in release in the UK, but instead is available here through the usual online channels from Friday.


And to answer your questions – no there is no news on a PlayStation3 version and yes, that is probably the best crash damage yet seen in a videogame.