Missile Command: The Movie

Retro fans rejoice, another classic game is going to be raped to within inch of death lovingly adapted by some Hollywood folks! According to the LA Times, Atari are pimping Missile Command to various studios with Fox studios “the likely venue at which the property will end up”.

The plot for Missile Command is.. well there isn’t one. The game did get an unofficial storyline courtesy of 1980’s record label, Kids Stuff Records. A 12″ album tells of how the peaceful world of Zardon is invaded by the evil Krytolians and features the title track “Zardon Commanders”. Very few copies of this record exist, so why not scour your local Oxfam shop and ask them in the have a 12″ Zardon?*


The news of the Missile Command movie follows on from the mind boggling announcement that ‘Asteroids: The Movie’ will be hitting the cinema screens in 2012 courtesy of Universal Pictures and ‘GI: Joe’ producer, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura. Presumably we will be getting ‘Games Of  The Movie Of The Games’ on our favorite consoles around the same time.

*Yes, I did write this entire news item just to make that joke.